PALM TREES AND LIPSTICK "For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone" AUDREY HEPBURN

Sultry & Glamorous By Charlotte Tilbury: The Dolce Vita Set

November 9, 2014 | Makeup | Permalink



When the Makeup Queen herself put collections of makeup together to create one of her signature looks, there was no doubt that Charlotte Tilbury products would become central to my makeup stash. I went for the most sultry and gorgeous look in my view; the Dolce Vita’. A cute makeup bag with seven delectable makeup products that remind me of evening gowns, crystal chandeliers and lots of glamour. read more →

CHANEL Tweed-Inspired Eyeshadow Quad: POÉSIE

October 6, 2014 | Makeup | Permalink

CHANEL POESIE 3 www.palmtreesandlipstick

There’s something about the way the Poésie looks on the eyes that reminds me of a certain touch of timeless elegance that Chanel often brings to the beauty and fashion world: simplicity. Nothing too dark, bold or out of the ordinary here. Just four gorgeous, understated eyeshadows suited for virtually any look- from work wear to evening. This little quad has it covered.
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Makin’ Waves: Tarte’s Best-Selling Summer Essentials Set

September 25, 2014 | Makeup | Permalink


While autumn has arrived many wear sweaters in my home town London, I could hardly notice the change in season as it’s still scorching hot here in the Middle East. I had to have a good waterproof mascara for my holiday to the Shangri-La resort in Muscat last week. My daughter Sofia loves swimming and this trip was filled with some serious splashing. I came across the Makin’ Waves 5-piece set on Sephora which had some really good Tarte picks- I just love me some Tarte! It comes with matching woven chevron design on the brush and makeup bag. I’m a sucker for chevron, this summer I’ve been quite obsessed with it! read more →

She Sells Sea Shells: Mac Alluring Aquatic Collection

August 1, 2014 | Makeup | Permalink


DSC_0212I’m a MAC lover but recently, collection after collection, nothing has completely blown me away. And boy are they are churning out collections at an incredible rate! The Osbournes, Moody Blooms and so on. After spending time in MAC stores swatching all over or reading reviews I wasn’t wowed by anything. I feel like the emphasis is on creating collectible items rather than on great makeup, and well for me it has to be mostly makeup! With the Alluring Aquatics collection what pleased me was the wearability of the colours and the quality of makeup. And yes the gorgeous packaging was a bonus.  The metallic teal covered casing with 3D realistic looking water droplets is quite captivating and well, really pretty! Probably one of the most amazing looking products I’ve seen. They remind me of clam shells, but lets get onto the pearl inside; the makeup. read more →

Bobbi Brown Nude On Nude Palette

July 21, 2014 | Makeup | Permalink


The ultimate eye palette that creates a variety of looks to take you from day to night – from barely there nudes to intense smokey finishes. Everything you need is featured in these 12 mix-and-match shades.

It seems the addiction for neutral palettes is incurable. Makeup has evolved over the years to cater for the sought after au naturel look and so there is immense love for neutral shades. When I think about natural beauty the first brand that pops to mind is Bobbi Brown. Would you agree? There’s no doubt the Naked Palettes popularised neutrals further but Bobbi Brown incorporated neutral shades in her collections way before the Naked’s. Enhancing natural beauty is central to her philosophy and so the neutral department is definitely her area of expertise. She’s wowed again with her newest palette.

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Josie Maran’s Escape To Morocco

July 20, 2014 | Skincare | Permalink


SONY DSCMy skin loves Argan oil- it’s nature’s ultimate moisturising anti-ageing skincare remedy, the list of benefits goes on, oh and it’s great for hair too. Josie Maran is a name known for her super-lightweight and fast absorbing version of 100% pure Argan oil. This time she’s incorporated Argan oil into a sumptuous body collection in a wonderful set; Escape to Morocco. Hello smooth and super soft skin! read more →

Marc Jacobs style eye-con Plush Shadow ‘Lolita’ Palette

July 12, 2014 | Makeup | Permalink


MJ1This has got to be the most sleek and sophisticated eye makeup palette I own. In fact the whole Marc Jacob’s makeup line is so simple yet elegantly modern. This has been available for a while and whilst I could hear voices of raves from the beauty blogging world in the back of my head, I hesitated in buying this because I didn’t think I needed yet another neutral palette. But when I saw this whilst on a holiday to Abu Dhabi, I fell in Love. Reason being: the Lolita palette is so much more beautiful in person; the glossy black case with raised silver ‘Marc Jacobs’ lettering, the seven gorgeous shades and the satisfying snap-closing click sound. Plus it comes with the cutest protective fabric ‘dust bag’, quite a necessity for such a pretty palette!

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Your Instant Ibiza Glow: Charlotte Tilbury Beach Sticks

July 5, 2014 | Makeup | Permalink


Like many I have a strong brand loyalty towards Charlotte Tilbury when it comes to makeup. Her products are central to my collection and most of them are my ‘go to’ for special occasions. They will deliver and I’ll get the exact look I want…effortlessly. That’s what I like about her makeup. Imagine the thought of Charlotte pouring her wealth of expertise and glamour into a ‘hybrid’ product. Enter Ibiza Sirens Beach Sticks. It can only equate to one thing: this summer the Beach Sticks are going to blow other multi-tasking products out of the water… read more →

Laura Mercier Custom Artist Portfolio Home & Away 2014

June 20, 2014 | Makeup | Permalink


I do a lot of travelling. Living as an expat in Saudi Arabia has the benefit of being near to various holiday destinations and most of my weekends and holidays are spent in Bahrain or Dubai. Not forgetting the thrice yearly visits to my home town London, Uk to visit friends and family and do a spot of shopping. I’m pretty good at packing things in a jiffy…except my makeup. It takes forever! Not because I’m packing a truck load or I’m undecided on what to take- but because I’m trying to organise and arrange it in a way so that nothing gets damaged. I’ve already had the experience of opening my Dior eyeshadow palette (the Coulers Trianon edition- you know the one, the pretty pastel shades with the gorgeous bows embossed on to it) only to find two of the pans had cracked and smooshed to a powder. I know. Terrible experience. Disastrous even. Since then I’ve been on the search for a good makeup bag which protects and organises my precious beauties. After much googling and watching YouTube video reviews and comparing various makeup organisers, I’ve found the perfect solution…..

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The Perfect Lipstick: Velvet Rope by Lipstick Queen

May 14, 2014 | Makeup | Permalink


I could take a small bet that the first make-up item you ever bought was a lipstick. From the moment you glide that buttery colour crayon along your lips the quest to find the ‘perfect lipstick’ begins. Contrary to my blog name, I haven’t always been a lipstick fan. This is mainly because, and I think many would agree here, lipstick formulas just haven’t been all that brilliant. Until NOW.

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